Helping Agriculture and the Ecology

We’ve put 40 years of research and thousands of trials into products that help agriculture production and the environment at the same time.

Our Crop Health Program consists of four liquid agricultural products that have been designed to specifically maintain and enhance production while lowering input costs.

Soil Aid – Spring Soil Application

  • applied directly on the soil by sprayer or irrigation water.
  • rejuvenates the soil by stimulating the biological activity of the soil, restoring ecological balance.
  • reduces water needs which results in energy savings
  • customers report an increase in production and quality after using Soil Aid

Early Riser – Seed Treatment

  • stimulate quicker germination and emergence.
  • seeds treated with  generally have double sprouting and will produce numerous stools.
  • creates the potential for greatly increased yields.
  • greater resistance to seed-borne diseases.
  • creates an environment that stimulates mycorrhizal fungi. This fungi living in association with the plant root system transfers phosphorous and other essential elements necessary for plant growth.

Crop Booster – Foliar Feed

  • a Foliar Feed / top dressing which is an efficient, effective approach to crop production.
  • mixing Crop Booster with chemical fertilizer or herbicides will accelerate their activity & up-take by as much as 50%.
  • potential to save thousands annually in input costs.

Winter Fix -Fall Soil Application

  • Soil amendment to recondition & enhance the soil in the off-season
  • Speeds the decay of crop residue or trash
  • Rapidly helps microorganisms breakdown the chemical residues from previous applications of herbicides, pesticides & fungicides

The Nature’s Aid Program

Step 1:  Soil Aid

Apply 250mL per acre in spring.  Can be applied with other products during pre-seeding burn-off.


Step 2:  Early Riser

Apply 50mL per bushel of seed.


Step 3:  Crop Booster

Apply 125mL per acre to crop post emergence.  Can be applied 2 – 3 times thru growing season with herbicide, fungicide, or insecticides.


Step 4: Winter Fix

Apply 250mL per acre after harvest.  Can be applied with other products during burn-off in fall.