NITROGEN – Little Known Facts

  1. Less than 50% of the nitrogen applied is recovered by plants.  Early Riser seed treatment can dramatically improves the recovery.
  2. Crop residue treated with Winter Fix can produce 40 to 75lbs per acre of nitrogen for the next crop year.
  3. When you attain a 5% humus level in your soil, Soil-Aid inoculant can supply as much as 150lbs per acre of nitrogen for the next crop.
  4. The more nitrogen that is applied to the soil, the less atmospheric nitrogen is fixed by the plant.  Super Crop helps restore a balance and boost crop production.
  5. Studies have shown the multiple benefits of cover crops – increased humus, increased carbon sequestration, increased nitrogen and all soil nutrients, weed emergence reduced by half.  Soil treated with Winter Fix will scavenge nitrate (salts) from the soil.
  6. 78 per cent of the atmosphere is Nitrogen that is not usable by plants. Plants need to have nutrients available as salts in order to absorb and utilize them. In this form, nitrogen is referred to as “fixed”. Soil bacteria are responsible for most of the nitrogen being converted from the atmospheric form into usable forms.
  7. Lightning Produces Nitrates.