Soil Aid, applied in the spring, rejuvenates the soil by stimulating the biological activity, restoring ecological balance. This porous soil will have more available nutrients and an ability to trap and store moisture.Our customers report an increase in production and quality after using Soil Aid.
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Stimulate quicker germination & emergence. Seeds treated with Early Riser generally have double sprouting, creating the potential for greatly increased yields. Applied directly to seed, it produces a healthier more productive plant.
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super crop

Super Crop is applied to crop throughout the growing cycle (3-4 leaf stage to maturity). A Foliar Feed/top dressing is an efficient, effective approach to crop production. Super Crop will stimulate the production of proteins & sugars within the plant, increasing yield while providing protection from stressors.
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This fall soil application is applied post-harvest. Winter Fix reconditions the soil while assisting in the breakdown of both crop and chemical residues.
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