About Us

Richard H. Quintin is the Founder and co-owner of Diamond Fertilizers Inc. He has been in business for over 50 years.

Born in 1930 Saskatchewan, his early childhood was a lesson in the trials and tribulations of the Dirty 30’s. Times were tough but they found ways to get by and improve on everything they did.

In his 20’s he started selling feed supplements and soon found himself learning everything he could about animal nutrition and animal health. After learning what he could from the feed business he ended up in Calgary and started up CATL-LAC FEEDS in the 1960’s. After years of providing the vitamins and minerals to supplement animal feed. He started learning about fertilizers and why animal feed needed to be supplemented with vitamins and minerals not just crude fat and protein.

In the late 1960’s Richard got the chance to purchase the set of elevators from UGG in Dewinton, AB just south of Calgary. He set out to connect the two with a warehouse.

Through the 1970’s and 80′ high quality feed supplement and fertilizers were produced and sold throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Some was even organic. A terminal was acquired in BC and another elevator at Keoma, AB for storage. (the elevator in Keoma was soon lost to fire)

During this time is when he learned of many ways to improve crop production and the nutritional quality of plants thru biostimulants and micronutrients. He became good friends with a researcher and professor out of South Carolina who was doing 1000’s of trials with kelp and humates. Dr. T.L. Senn helped with the formulas in the beginning and then gave guest lectures over the next years across Alberta.

In the early 1990’s, Richard’s beloved wife lost her battle with cancer and he decided to slow things down. The feed mill and granular fertilizer sections were closed down and he just kept the liquid biostimulants going.

By the early 2000’s Ryan Hughes came into the family and later, into the company. Since then we have been regrowing the company. We produce the products Soil-Aid, Early Riser, Super Crop and Winter Fix under the banner name Nature’s Aid Natural Products. The products are based on the founding trials and knowledge of Dr. Senn and Richard combined, with slight improvements over time in mixing more concentrated formulas and sourcing the best quality of ingredients. Our Products can be used in all the newest equipment on any plant grown. Customers use on orchards, vineyards, vegetables, cereals, oilseeds, beans, corn etc.